Physician Wellness and the Public Policy Committee with Dr. Stephanie Costa

Stephanie Wellman Costa, MD

Ob/Gyn, MaternOhio Clinical Associates

I have been a physician for over twenty years and have seen firsthand how the evolution of medicine has impacted physicians, staff and patients.  The ever growing demands on our physicians continue to escalate, making their lives and careers increasingly challenging.  I have a deep caring for physicians and understand what makes their lives and careers difficult.  I have a desire to help them attain wellness and fulfillment in all aspects of their lives, and to rekindle the spark that prompted them to become a physician.

Because of this desire, I agreed to co-chair the PAC/Public Policy Committee.  I feel that by working in this capacity I will be better able to advocate for the physicians and patients of Columbus.  Physicians are concerned about the communities in which they practice, but oftentimes find that they are so busy caring for patients, that they have little time to inform themselves about government issues or get involved in the political arena.  In addition, the language and process of public policy can be quite confusing.  The PAC/Public Policy Committee is skilled at keeping our doctors abreast of the ever-changing issues as well as frequently communicating the current issues in an easy to understand way. 

One of my favorite things about serving on the committee is the interaction with elected officials.  Physicians can be a strong voice and are typically able to arrange meetings with senators and representatives.  We are able to effectively communicate our concerns and can make compelling arguments based on evidence-based medicine.  This past January, the CMA hosted an event so that all CMA members could meet with Stephanie Kunze (Ohio Senate District 16) and Dr. Beth Liston, serving Ohio House District 21.  We are especially proud and excited to have an engaged physician in the Ohio House. 

Please feel free to join us at our next PAC/Public Policy Committee meeting, Wednesday, April 17 at 6:00 pm at the CMA, 1390 Dublin Road.  It will give you an opportunity to interact with the dynamic medical students who attend, as well as your like-minded colleagues.  In some way, you can contribute.

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