CMA Event a Chance to Connect and Have a Blast!

Dr. Anne Taylor & her A-Team

Dr. Anne Taylor & her A-Team

The CMA annual event has become a special time for the entire A-team at Aesthetica.  As a past president of CMA I have attended this party for many years, but it has only been recently that we started going together as a work team. Four years ago I went back into private practice.  The ladies of the A-team had worked with me in my first private practice and during my time as a faculty member at OSU, so we have a history together.  But it was this event 4 years ago when we decided to all go together in with “theme” outfits, that it really changed us— sealed us in a bond of friendship that goes beyond the workplace. We have so many special memories of that event and subsequent ones, that it has become an annual tradition for us all to attend. 

Every year we look forward to learning what the theme will be and then coordinating our outfits. It can take months of discussions for us to agree— but we always do— and then we “Bring it!!”   I mean that at the party itself we have such a lovely time together, and with the other CMA members, it has become a team building event for us all. And our spouses attend too- so this is great for them to catch up with each other. Since we spend every day together talking about them (just kidding?!) it is great for them to socialize together too. 

Getting into the theme just makes the party more fun.  We even take professional photos of the A-team to put up at the office.  This year we are “encouraging” our spouses to really get into the theme too— so look out!  I can’t wait to see my dear mostly bald husband in an afro wig and white suit.

In addition to buying the table for the entire staff for the fun of it, the real reason is to support the CMA and Affiliate organizations. This is just a perfect win-win situation in which I can support the CMA and have a team building experience with my staff.  

This year we have been negotiating costume situation…. some feel more comfortable in a lame jumpsuit than others.  We have not quite decided what the final look will be— so I can’t honestly tell you.  I recommend you show up and be surprised! Disco is such a fun theme— and who doesn’t love to dance to the music?   My personal favorites are the Bee Gees and of course KC and the Sunshine Band.

CMA’s Disco Fever is will definitely be groovy!

Anne Taylor, MD