Ohio Medicaid Change Responsive to Physician Concerns

The CMA is a member of the Medical Association Coalition (MAC) that was formed largely to support the work of Ohio Physicians Health Program (OPHP).  OPHP is a physician founded non-profit organization that supports the personal health and wellness of physician and healthcare professionals. OPHP has many serves to assist physicians with mental, emotional and behavioral illness, substance-related and addictive disorders, or other illnesses.

A recent concern was an administrative action from the Ohio Department of Medicaid that terminated any physician from being an approved Medicaid provider if the Department found the physician to have any action, restriction or limitation to their license. This rule would have superseded the decision of the State Medical Board regarding fitness to practice.

OPHP and the MAC strongly objected to the State, making the case that it was the purview of the SMBO to protect patient safety and determine physician fitness to practice.  Physicians who successfully complete treatment and are cleared to practice medicine should not be prohibited from seeing Medicaid patients due to their record of a past illness and treatment.

This week Medicaid announced that they are rescinding their directive and are reviewing all terminations that have been issued and will notify physicians of this change in policy.

Many thanks to those in the medical community who supported your colleagues with the seeking of this change. Attached is a copy of the MAC letter that Dr. Falcone signed on behalf of the CMA.