Doc Spotlight of the Week: Dr. Caroline Romanos

Doctor Caroline Romanos

Doctor Caroline Romanos

Where you were born and/raised? 
I was born and raised in a town of 2000 people in Northwestern Connecticut.  

What was your first job? 
My first job was working in the cafeteria at the Yale Summer School of Art and Music.  I was horrible at it and didn't last very long.  Looking back this seems odd to me considering how much I love cooking now.

What made you decide to be a physician? 
I decided to be a physician and ultimately a family physician for a very cliche reason.  I felt that medicine was the best way to help people.  I think I made the right decision. 

What hobbies do you participate in your free time? 
I love cooking and baking.  

What would you like your fellow CMA physicians to know about you? 
I speak Spanish and I love seeing Spanish speaking patients.

What is your favorite thing to do in the Winter? 
It's repetitive but...bake!!

In your opinion, which animal is the best animal?  
I am not an animal person, to the great dismay of my partner who feels very deprived of a dog in our home.  

Why did you choose to serve as a delegate?  
I think that I can help my patients one by one in my daily practice but the best way to make change on a population level is to participate in advocacy activities.