When All Else Fails, Pitch a Tent

The Southeast/Southeast Central Ohio Region Healthcare Coalition is home to four amazing tents known as Blu-Med Response Systems Disaster Medical Facilities. In case of a disaster or emergency where triage, mass vaccinations, or observations are needed in a sheltered area outside the hospital, these structures are put to use.

Purchased about 10 years ago with funds from the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response(ASPR), these tents are to be used for what is known as Alternate Care Centers. These structures are designed for rapid set up and stand up to harsh weather conditions.They have powerful generators, full HVAC, lights and can be co-deployed with patient care and/or mass casualty supplies for medical response. While these mobile facilities are primarily for emergency space to provide medical treatment, they can also be used as remote command centers for emergency response.

All four tents were recently set up to ensure they and the people who will do the work are ready at a moment’s notice.During their county fair, Perry County set up a Blu-Med station for initial use as a command and information center. However, due to the high heat index, where Ohio weather reached 105 degrees for multiple days, it became a cooling shelter for many of the attendees and participants.

It’s National Preparedness Month, to learn more about COTS and how they prepare to keep Ohio safe click here.