Let’s “Move the Needle” on Flu Vaccination in Ohio


The Columbus Medical Association (CMA) is excited to announce that today is the launch of the “Move the Needle Challenge,” an innovative approach to increasing flu vaccinations across Ohio while providing an opportunity for physicians to receive their MOC Part IV quality improvement project credit.

CMA, in collaboration with the Healthcare Collaborative of Greater Columbus (HCGC), is a sponsor for MOC Part IV credit through the AMBS. Already, the CMA has an existing menu of approved Q/I projects and the ability to create new initiatives tailored to specific physicians. But what if all physicians in Central Ohio and beyond collectively participated on one project that would demonstrate the impact they can make in the community? Would it provide a sense of accomplishment for physicians and prove they can work together, outside of systems and specialties, for the greater good?

CMA hopes to answer these questions with the “Move the Needle Challenge.” This initiative is intended for practices, physicians, and patients to pass on to their colleagues or friends so they too can take the “challenge” and increase the number of those vaccinated for the flu this year.

The first organization to accept this challenge is Central Ohio Primary Care (COPC). “Our goal in this campaign is to increase vaccination by 20% between now and the end of the year; we challenge all clinicians in all practice settings across our community to join us," said Bill Wulf, MD, CEO Central Ohio Primary Care. "At Central Ohio Primary Care, we take flu vaccinations for ALL of our patients seriously and are so proud and excited to work with the Columbus Medical Association and our physician colleagues across the community to improve influenza vaccination rates.” said Wulf.

Each practice or participant will be able to set their own goals based on their own data and this is free for members of the CMA. "With CMA's Maintenance of Certification Part IV effort, physicians can receive needed quality improvement credits for their Medical Boards; and patients will be more protected during flu season - it's the right thing to do for our community," Wulf added. So, do what’s right for the community and take the challenge today.

For more information on the “Move the Needle Challenge” and how you can participate visit: columbusmedicalassociation.com/ membership/moc-pt4/movetheneedlechallenge