Let's Connect! Social Media at the CMA

In today’s world we are more connected than ever thanks to social media. For the Columbus Medical Association (CMA) it is another way to unite with you, our members and local community, and share our latest stories, events, and opportunities for involvement.

So, make that connection with the CMA and Affiliates community today by following, liking, or subscribing to our social media.

If you don’t already, follow our Facebook page at ColumbusMedicalAssociation or if you already follow us, invite your friends to do the same.

Follow the simple picture tutorial below to see how easy it really is.

Beyond Facebook, we are also on Twitter and Instagram to make sure you can stay up to date with us on your preferred platform.

This is just one small way you can stay involved and promote all that is happening, each and every day at the CMA.

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