More Than Just a Sign

If you’ve driven past the Columbus Medical Association’s (CMA) building in the past few weeks, you might have noticed the towering new road sign notifying passing cars where the building is. Understandably, this can seem like a simple cosmetic update, but it’s really so much more. The CMA and Affiliates made the intentional move to their current location on Dublin Road for the space and opportunities the facility provides six years ago. The new sign is another way to make the building stand out on the busy road and allows more people to find and take advantage of all the CMA and Affiliates offer in this space.

So, what exactly goes on in the CMA building? A lot! Let’s dive in to what goes on beyond the sign.


Firstly, CMA affiliate, Central Ohio Trauma System (COTS), uses the spacious training rooms for education, training, and disaster preparedness. COTS is dedicated to making sure the healthcare leaders of today gain the knowledge and skills needed for better trauma and disaster outcomes. In addition to lectures, certifications, and break-out sessions, COTS also provides the opportunity for real life scenario training with various mock medical rooms in the CMA building. COTS staff also forms the Healthcare Incident Liaison (HIL) for Columbus in a secure room on the second floor of the CMA building and provide 24/7 coverage to the hospitals and other coalition healthcare partners in the event of a disaster.


The Physicians CareConnection (PCC) is often only associated with their offsite free medical and dental clinic but even more goes on day to day in the CMA building. StepOne for a Healthily Pregnancy takes up a portion of the second floor and is committed to connecting women with affordable, timely, convenient prenatal care, and resources for a healthy pregnancy. Similarly, PCC staff also offer CareCoordination over the phone and in person to match individuals with medical needs to appropriate programs and medical services specific to them. Members of the public wishing to use these programs often need to visit the office to fill out paperwork or pick up supplies. The CMA building offers ample room and ease of mind for this to happen.

Another affiliate making use of the training rooms is the Physicians Leadership Academy (PLA). On a mission to improve physician wellness, the PLA offers a yearlong curriculum to a group of dedicated doctors to increase their leadership capacities in emotional intelligence, social intelligence, and cognitive capacity. The PLA holds classes, group meditations, retreats, and other events for current and past participants at the CMA building training rooms. Having a consistent meeting place allows the physicians to shift from surviving to thriving.


The Columbus Medical Association Foundation (CMAF) makes use of the large, round board room when hosting their monthly Youth Advisory Council (YAC) meetings. YAC is a group of young people between 8th and 12th grade who hear grant requests for healthcare -related programs or events that impact local youth, which aids in their goal to learn and practice health-related philanthropy. The CMAF additionally uses the CMA building for events and meetings for donors.


Lastly, the CMA itself has many different uses for their building. Each fall the popular Emerging Trends program is held for CMA members to learn more about a specific up-and-coming topic in the healthcare field. CMA members can also attend the monthly advocacy meetings and make their voice heard on health-related legislation issues. Quarterly, practice managers meet at the CMA building to learn more about relatable and relevant topics in their area. CMA members can even use the building for their own passion projects and healthcare-related events.

 So, the next time you drive down Dublin Road and see the new CMA and Affiliates sign, remember that just beyond it there’s education, training, preparation, events, group sessions, and patient care all focused on making the healthcare community a better place each and every day.

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