Physicians Leadership Academy 2019 Graduation


Upon reflection for this 2018/2019 class, I realized that we’ve been very lucky as a leadership academy to have consistent faculty. Over all five years the faculty has not changed. On the one hand that could be a bad thing on the other hand we’ve encouraged all of our faculty to teach at the edge of their own learning.

There was something about this year and this year’s class where I really came to realize that although the curriculum looks the same it is even more dynamic than it was when we started because the faculty are including their teaching and their learning, which makes it a dynamic academy. I really think that the participants this year, at least for me, were much more aware of the good edginess of the teaching that took place this year, that was exciting for all of us.

In the last check out circle we had, in the last class, one of the participants said this has been the only learning experience he’s had where the faculty as well as the people who administer the program are in the learning with the participants. That caused me to think how true that is. How each of us, Diane May, myself, Janice Glowski, Kelly Barr, are in it just like the participants are and we get the benefit of continual learning as well.

So, I guess more than anything else what’s on my mind as we finish this year, is that it’s been a great class. What I am really aware of is how our learning never stops and I can promise that for the future classes as well. No one’s learning will stop and it will continue to evolve. That’s what’s made for an exciting academy. - Phil Cass, Director of PLA

Each graduating student of the PLA was asked to share a brief statement addressing their final thoughts on the PLA. Check out a few of the statements below.

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