Do you have a patient or employee in crisis?

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We believe lasting recovery comes through personalized care, and we recognize that the best treatment requires a team approach. That’s why we partner with healthcare providers, community health organizations, and employee assistance programs to provide highly tailored, highly effective recovery programs.

This is also why we’ve chosen to be a gold-level sponsor of the Columbus Medical Association.

Whether you have a patient or employee in crisis, someone that needs help with detoxification, or you just need a specialist to take over mental health medication management, we are here to support you.

We believe care is most effective in a continuum; that’s why we keep you informed and included every step of the way. When our patients are ready to move on from their treatment programs, we support them, in collaboration with our partners, through the next stages of their wellness journey.

Ready to Become a Partner?

Let us show you what we mean. Call us at 614-368-9842 and one of our community representatives can come to your office and review our comprehensive programs in person.