The Fare of the Seventies and “Cooking With Dr. Janis”

In the annals of American cookbooks, perhaps none were more regrettable than those of the 70’s. “The books were full of meaty aspics and mousses coaxed into elaborate shapes: a crown made of blunted hot dogs, seafood mousse sculpted into the shape of a maniacally grinning fish.”

Click here to read “Hot-Dog Tiaras And Other '70s Dinner Party' Delicacies”

Thankfully, our chef has selected (and even enhanced) the best of the era’s food for the CMA’s upcoming event – Disco Fever! Fondue is a must and ours is made of cream, quality gruyere cheese and fresh nutmeg. Deviled crab was popular then and ours is served in mushrooms with a crispy topping. And did you know that Pasta Primavera was created in the 70’s? The dish traces back to the New York City restaurant Le Cirque, where it first appeared as an unlisted special before it was made famous through a 1977 article in the New York Times.

The bottom line, our chef has prepared a menu to take us back to the ‘good part’ of the 70’s food scene. We hope you can join us for live disco music, great company and great food and drinks! Click here to learn more about the event.

Bonus Video: Watch CMA President (and guest Sous-Chef) prepare Pasta Prima Vera!

Lisa Oyer