Chances are you may be feeling exhausted and worn out


If you're a physician, chances are, you're feeling exhausted and worn out.

And who can blame you?

Today's healthcare environment is so volatile, so complex, it's no wonder you're in survival mode. Despite your best efforts and accomplishments, you still feel frustrated, unfulfilled (and maybe even a little isolated).

You're not alone. Many doctors do.

But you're meant for more than this. And at the CMA, we're committed to helping you discover that "something more" and step into the career and life you really want – with our Physicians Leadership Academy (PLA).

It's designed to help you build the margin and skills you need to not only survive, but thrive as a physician in today's healthcare environment.

You'll learn to think, relate, and interact like never before – from globally recognized, field-expert faculty – alongside a cohort of twenty local peer physicians who are as eager for breakthrough as you are.

More than 50 Central Ohio physicians just like you have already developed breakthrough strategies to:
• build true physician presence and make your voice heard,
• connect with a thriving community of peer physicians, and
• discover "something more" at work and in life.

We believe in the program so much, our CMA Foundation has underwritten funding to offer this program at an unprecedented value to you.

Your $3,500 tuition covers coursework, assessments, weekend retreats, and leadership coaching. (That's an $11,000 value!)

For us? It's an investment in our central Ohio medical community. It's something we're honored to give back to you.

For you? It's an investment in your career, your practice, your health, and your life – an investment that's poised for lifelong returns.

Don't just survive – thrive. Discover how, by attending a free PLA Informational Session Thursday, June 14th 5:30 – 7:00 pm at the Columbus Medical Association, 1390 Dublin Rd. (between Grandview & Fifth avenues). Click here to register.

Physicians Leadership Academy -- Leading in your life, our work and your community
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Endorsed by: Central Ohio Primary Care (COPC), Mount Carmel Medical Group (MCMG) and Ohio Gastroenterology Group

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